Welcome to the Cold Email Success Summit Affiliate Program!


The Cold Email Success Summit, is an online event all about learning proven strategies to build and grow a successful cold emails.

Attendees will learn from 20+ experts including the world’s best cold email experts, successful entrepreneurs and industry leaders who will transform the way they think about cold outreach.

 What You’ll Be Promoting

You’ll be offering your audience free tickets to the Cold Email Success Summit – an offer converting extremely well.

Attendees with a free pass gets access to all 20+ speaker sessions for 48 hours each.

It’s the best of two worlds!

You promote a really valuable, free offer, but with lots of opportunities to make commission.

How You Will Make Money:

  • 40% on all referred upsells, (On net sales: gross sales – refunds = net sales)
  • You will be given a 12 month affiliate ID, so you will make commission long after the event is over.
  • Commissions will be paid on a quarterly basis.

The below products will be offered on the backend before, an during, the free summit.

A Small Sample of Our 20+ Lineup

Speakers include Cold Email Influencers, Authors, Entrepreneurs
and Industry leaders

Matthew Bellows

Matthew Bellows

Founder, Yesware

A data-backed approach to increase your response rates and get introduced to the correct person
Dave Schneider

Dave Schneider

Co-Founder, Ninja Outreach

How to attract the attention of highly qualified prospects with this long-term strategy
Damian Thompson

Damian Thompson

Co-Founder, LeadFuze

Why the difference between offer, offering, and CTA is crucial for solving your prospects problem
John Barrows

John Barrows

Owner, JBarrows.com

Key steps to finding and contacting your ultimate buyer to drive high quality meetings
Steli Efti

Steli Efti

Co-Founder, Close.io

The 1 2 3 email hack that removes friction and can increase response rates by 457%
Cathy Patalas

Cathy Patalas

Head of Marketing, Woodpecker.co

A lean approach to bulk-emailing that will re-vitalize your prospects gone cold
Ryan O’Donnell

Ryan O’Donnell

Co-Founder, Replyify & SellHack

Write drunk, edit sober: Creative experiments
Dmitry Dragilev

Dmitry Dragilev

Founder, JustReachOut

How to focus on personalization and research to get a 50% response rate

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How to get on the Leaderboard?

Follow this winning formula…

Offer an awesome bonus for signing up through your link, something supporting the content of the Cold Email Success Summit.

Publish on LinkedIn Pulse at least once before the summit begins.

Email at least two times before the summit begins.

✔ If you are a speaker, mail on the day before your session and a few hours before your session goes live. We will send you a reminder the day before.

We’ll send you all the material, swipe copy and tracking links, you need. All to make it as quick and easy as possible for you!

House Rules


✘ No spamming
✘ You must not portray yourself as EHQ in your marketing, but make it clear you’re promoting the event as an affiliate
✘ No cash incentives
✘ No prizes that you have to buy or pay for
✘ No teaming up with others
✘ No cookie stuffing/cookie dropping

Please follow the above or your partnership can be discontinued.

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